I think the most telling tripe from this is the post from the Libtard group Can-Do:
"We are very concerned to hear that Carol Richardson has been sent back to prison for various probation violations that appear to stem from her drug addiction that has gone untreated,” the group said in a statement. “The system has failed Carol, yet again. It will be easy for some to point a finger at Carol and justify their support of harsh mandatory sentences as a necessity to keep people locked up, when we feel Carol’s current situation is proof that we desperately need to overhaul our current drug policy that treats addiction as a criminal issue, rather than a medical issue.”

You see...none of this is Ms. Richardson's fault of course. It's the fault of THE SYSTEM. Failed her.

Now to be clear, I think that non-violent crime life sentences are b.s., but the point of this post is to show that SHE did this to herself, SHE chose to violate the terms of her clemency. SHE threw away a chance that thousands of others never got.
P.O.S., for sure.