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Thread: 204 Islander Prop Recommendation

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    204 Islander Prop Recommendation

    Hey ya'll,

    So I need a suggestion on what size prop is right for my '93 Islander 204. It's got a V6 4.3L Mercruiser Alpha One, right now has a 21" pitch Mirage and am just curious if anyone has any experience with the boat and knows if this is the right size prop, what the optimum RPM range is, and what the top speed should be. We've topped it out at 42 mph...


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    Re: 204 Islander Prop Recommendation

    Is this the two barrel or 4 barrel version? And what gear ratio on your outdrive? What rpm were you running at WOT?
    The flame arrestor cover (if still on the boat) should tell you the rpm range, but if my memory is correct you should be max 4600 rpm.

    I suspect you have a 1.84:1 ratio outdrive. The speed you show, if accurate (not on the wish-o-meter but GPS checked) is right on for a 21" running 4600 with 10% slip. However, it is also right on for a 1.65:1 ratio drive only running 4200 rpm.

    Regardless, you are right in the ballpark on your speed, with the 4.3 engine. The attached picture shows one place on an Alpha to check the ratio.
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    Re: 204 Islander Prop Recommendation

    What he said ^

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