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Thread: Rockville amps? Anyone heard or had them?

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    Rockville amps? Anyone heard or had them?


    How the hell do you stop the bottom of bench from rattling! I tightened up the screws but I doubt it will last!!

    Add more screws? Thought about adding some 5200 to the inside corners? ordered some Dyna mat to help.

    I figured out a good part my problem, the high pass filter on the receiver was killing all the subs. So I will have to run it without it and tune it with the amp and other settings.

    The Rockville does pretty good I’m impressed. I would be curious to see what they do with a sealed box!!
    Running the Rockville at 1/2 gain and it comes with a remote gain knob. Started raining, but I will probably run it to the glove box.
    Have the cuddy running off my 5ch on the memphis and the 2-10s running off the Rockville. Sounds good! I didnt try to run it all off the Rockville as I figured I would want to turn down the cuddy if the kids ride in there.

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