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Well, I cannot show you any pics. The 5.7 is in and the new SEI outdrive has been broken in. I replaced the point distributor with the Thunderbolt IV system from the 4.3. New cap and rotor was all that needed to be changed. Along with extending a few wires from the V6 wiring harness. It runs like a champ! All it takes once warmed up is a tick from the starter and she is good to go. Fastest I have gotten was 57 via GPS, with a 21P prop, I know my tach is not working as it read right around 3000rpms. I had a cheap one that I was going to put in for this last weekend but did not have time. That was the good news.....

My brother asked to take the boat out fishing on Sunday morning. I did not leave it in overnight at the cabin as it is still leaking and did not want the battery running down overnight. I let him take it. I showed him how to raise and lower the outdrive and asked him to be careful. When he brought it back the outdrive now has a couple gouges in it(3 weeks in the water). Prop is at the shop being repaired. Has a huge scratch in the hull as he missed the center of the trailer and ran over the fender. The fender was dented so bad I had to put the boat back in the water and take a hammer to it to get it off the tire..... sigh

He has lost boat privileges and now is back to using the duck boat.
Wrap the boat in bubble wrap when he takes it!! Nice work! Sounds like your shakedown run went well

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