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Thread: Tow Mater

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    Re: Tow Mater

    LOL Sounds like a funny guy! I was in San Diego from 85-89.

    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyOutlaw View Post
    What years did you serve? I guy I work with, funny as hell but the way, he was in the Navy, San Diego in the mid 80's.

    He's always says that NAVY stands for, Never Again Volunteer Yourself.

    And, That 100 sailors leave on the ship and 50 couples come back!

    Thx for your service btw!

    Anyhow, the water can't get in and outta the bay fast enough, but I'd say we are +/- 5ft. I'll make it a point to take tide pics this year. The bridges are marked

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    Re: Tow Mater

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregmik View Post
    LOL Sounds like a funny guy! I was in San Diego from 85-89.
    Sean Hoban is his name. funny dude fo sho
    "Fine Whine"

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