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Thread: Were Clintons behind Epstein death after all?

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    Were Clintons behind Epstein death after all?

    Seems there is mounting evidence that amongst the many famous/powerful people that were about to go down if Epstein started talking, the Clintons were one of those families with lots to lose.

    Interesting...very interesting.
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    Re: Were Clintons behind Epstein death after all?

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw it today!

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    Re: Were Clintons behind Epstein death after all?

    Epstein dead by suicide.

    Not a chance he is dead. Very well protected. In Federal custody in Maximum Security. In a suicide watch cell. Same day they release 2000 documents naming names. 🤪

    Supposed photo of his body being removed from the prison "leaks" out to the media?

    Since when are DEAD bodies just wheeled out without being covered or in a body bag? And look at how pink he looks. That is not the face of a dead man.

    I told you weeks ago that this man would eventually be disappearing.

    They WANTED you to see this picture. The narrative MUST say that he is dead. That is the ONLY way that he would be allowed to go into witness protection.

    Over 1 million pages of evidence. Thousands of victims. Hundreds of high profile people incriminated. You think they aren't going to get justice for these children? Think again. Epstein was the only road block. We do not have to wait years for a trial now.

    With Epstein "dead" the search warrants on his properties cannot be surpressed. This clears the way for charges against hundreds of high profile people.

    You are witnessing the greatest show on Earth.

    Grab your popcorn and get ready to know the truth.


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