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View Poll Results: How long have you been into boating? What's your "story"?

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Thread: time for another poll! How long have you been boating?

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    Re: time for another poll! How long have you been boating?

    You bring back some special memories with this question! For me it's been probably 45 years of boating (yeah, I'll age myself) and 15 years of owning my own. In 9th grade had the good fortune of having a best friend who's parent's/family were into boating and had a house boat on the Ohio river north of Cincinnati. For their son (my friend) they purchased a 12' Checkmate with a 50hp Merc outboard. Damn was that thing fun - and awfully fast for something so small. Used to get our parents to get us out of school early on Friday's and him and I (he also had his license and a car) head to the river at lunch. Many fun weekends - and even learned to ski behind that Checkmate. Did regular fishing with my Dad and his friends on their boats for many years after that and finally (after years of marriage, kids, moving to Texas and all that goes with it) the wife and I bought our first boat in 2000. It was a 23' Caravelle with the 350 Merc. We've admitted many times that if we'd known just how much fun we'd have and the memories we'd build we would have done it years earlier (of course living outside of Chicago makes for a short boating season). Then several years ago had the opportunity to purchase a 23' Outlaw at a fantastic price that I couldn't turn down. I'd been looking at (window shopping) 25' - 26' Baja's but figured if I were going to be in a 23' boat I'd take the Baja over any other. So that's where it is - enjoying ourselves just about every weekend on Lake Texoma in Texas. Still watching for that next, bigger boat as well :)

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    Re: time for another poll! How long have you been boating?

    31 years for me actually owning a boat. Started 3 days after graduating high school in 1988, bought a 1972 Sea Ray SRV180, 4 years later bought my parents 1979 Rinker 190, in 2004 bought a Rinker 209, in 2006 bought a Rinker 212 with a 350 mag and Bravo 3, this boat was stupid fast and whoever ordered it new paid some serious upgrade money. Then in 2008 bought my first Baja, a 1998 25 outlaw, then in 2015 bought a 2004 25 Outlaw, and lastly in February 2019 we bought our 2008 30 Outlaw. 31 years and 7 boats later, Priceless!!!

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