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Thread: He probably was not going that far. It towed it just fine till now.

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    He probably was not going that far. It towed it just fine till now.

    Boat crash slows traffic on NB I-71

    Posted: 2:56 PM
    Last Updated: 51 minutes ago

    SYCAMORE TWP., Ohio - Traffic is moving once again after a crash involving a boat and a trailer caused a traffic headache on northbound I-71 in Sycamore Township Thursday afternoon.

    The accident, which happened near the Montgomery Road exit shortly after 2 p.m., caused a 33-foot boat to break away from its trailer that was being towed by an SUV.

    Crews cleared the scene shortly before 4:30 p.m. At one point, traffic was backed up past Smith Edwards Road.

    The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Robert Lacerda, 44, lost control of a 2004 Land Rover near the Montgomery Road overpass and traveled off the road colliding with a guardrail. During the collision the trailer and boat dislodged from the SUV.

    As the trailer continued north on the interstate the Thunder Craft boat came off the trailer and came to a rest under the overpass.

    The driver of the SUV and his 10-year-old daughter were not injured and no other vehicles were involved.

    Lacerda was charged with failure to maintain reasonable control, a minor misdemeanor.

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    Re: He probably was not going that far. It towed it just fine till now.

    Here's a pic from a traffic cam.....

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