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Thread: Just Baught A Baja

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    Just Baught A Baja

    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Tony and my wife and I just purchased our first Baja. Lookin to reach out to people who have these boats and can give some insight on Baja boats. Have owned several ski boats but never any go fast cuddy boats. Had it out over the weekend for its maiden voyage and it ran great. Couple of ticks but other than that perfect. Got some questions though, and any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Potable water tank. Used the water and black specks came out of the shower faucet, tank looked dirty best way to clean it?

    2. Best brightner for the gellcoat. Traditional Baja White with the colorful stripes what can I do to make this thing shine.

    3. Boat walked abit when above 60 mph never had trim tabs so any insight would be great.

    Lookin for answers


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    Re: Just Baught A Baja

    Welcome to the site Tony and congratz on your Baja!

    You will find a lot of good feedback on this site as many of us all ask the same questions....

    Regarding the water tank depending on how bad it is (sounds like mildew/algae) fill your tank with water and a lot of bleach and let it sit there for a while and flush the system out. If you can get your tank out that would be best but if not, try that... I know peeps that keep a cap full or less of bleach in their tanks at a time to keep the growth of bacteria down. There may be some special cleaners out there but I know that has worked in the past....

    There are several good cleaners, compounds, waxes, polishes etc... "Leverage" is what we all seem to be using and works the best. Use some of the compound to buff it out then use the polish to give it that shine. The polish wipes on and off so easy it will blow your mind. Hit up "Jim" at "Top Notch" one of our sponsors and he'll take care of you...

    As far as the "chine walk" etc... that is something that is common with speed. You will always be a second behind what the drive is doing (steering)...tabs help but so does hydro steering. Depending on how bad it is I'd maybe look into some Lenco trim tabs and go from there. This won't eliminate it completely but should make it more manageable....

    Hope that helped a lil... I am sure some of the gang will chime in once we all get back from the 4th weekend.

    Enjoy your new toy!

    "Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart"...

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