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Thread: Console Access

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    Console Access

    Is there anyway to get to the inside of the console for steering/electrical/gauge/stereo work? On my 252 Islander, there is a storage compartment directly in front of each console. The front of the console appears to form the back wall of this compartment. I can remove four screws and take a "L" shaped trim piece off exposing access to the inside of the gunwales (fuel filler and vent, etc), but not to the console. The compartment is covered in glued on carpet. I did not want to be removing this if there is no access anyway.

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    Re: Console Access

    XT would most likely be able to answer this for you...I know on mine if you take out the back panel you can get to it but mine is vinyl...Feel around for some screws buried in the carpet I'm sure there's access to it.

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