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Thread: Anchor help

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    Anchor help

    Ok yall

    I don't know what I am doing wrong. We have more problems with anchors then I care to talk about. Just can never seem to get one to set. Basically I have to get in the water to set the anchor every time we go out. If we get too much wind alot of times it will pull out.

    I have a 15# fluke anchor with 100' of line on it. It is supposed to be good for up to 36' boat, we are only 30'. Being in Lake Michigan it is a sand bottom. If it is in less than 20' of I can get in the water to set it, but if it is deeper it is a real pain to get the anchor to set, and then 9 times out of 10 it will pull free.

    The only thing I don't have on it is a chain, but I can't see how that will change the fact that it pulls out. Will the chain make the anchor easier to set?

    I have looked at larger anchors, but the next size is much larger and seems to be total overkill for our boat. Also I looked at the box anchors, but they cost so much more, and seem to have less fluke to hold in the windy wave condistions we have most of the time.

    So anyone care to tell me what anchor you use, how you get it to set in deep water?
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    Re: Anchor help

    Chain is a must on a fluke style anchor. Line scope ratio is also important with a fluke style anchor. The rule of thumb is 6 to 1 and 10 to 1 in foul weather. That would mean in normal weather and conditions, you would have six feet of anchor line out for every foot of depth. Most people don't follow that ratio because we are normally anchored up around other folks. The problem with this is that every time your bow raises from wake it pulls the anchor up and this is just exaggerated without chain.

    I quit using flukes years ago and switched to a box anchor. I have never had a problem setting it, it takes less rode and folds up nicely for storage and also sets well in different types of bottom conditions.

    Below is the normal scope strength percentages for a fluke style anchor.

    Scope Holding Power
    10:1 100%
    7:1 91%
    6:1 85%
    5:1 77%
    4:1 67%
    3:1 53%
    2:1 35%

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    Re: Anchor help

    Box anchor.

    No chain needed and sets the first time it's dropped every time (at least for me). I have the small size and have never had a problem holding me and a few other boats. Sometimes it can be a bear to bring back up, but that's good exercise. LOL

    This thing works in all kinds of bottom. I've held at Table Rock in rocks, and the Ohio River in pure mud.

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    Re: Anchor help

    I agree box anchor all the way.
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    Re: Anchor help

    Dave remember ideally you will use 7:1 in rode vs water depth. And you need to include the distance out of the water in you calculation. So given your in 30 ft of water but your cleat is 5 ft out a water then take 35 times 7 equals 245 ft of line. I have found that I can get away with a 5:1 so that would equal 175 ft. I guarantee this is your problem. Guess what 20 times 5 = 100 so thats why your fine in shallow waters

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