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Thread: Baja Caliber 22 TC Engine Hatch Fix

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    Baja Caliber 22 TC Engine Hatch Fix

    I have a 1994 Baja Caliber 22 TC and have the power engine hatch. This thing raises up about 6 inches then you have to pull up the left side then raise it up the rest of the way. The actuator is on the right side. I hear this is a common thing with this boat. Has anyone come up with a good fix?

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    Re: Baja Caliber 22 TC Engine Hatch Fix

    Guessing this would require you to mount another engine lift to the other side of the hatch. Most are either double rams on each side or one in the middle obviously Baja realized they're mistake, but no help to you...I would guess this will be your fix is to put another on the other side to remedy your problem and wire them into each other.

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