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Thread: Winter Storage

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    Winter Storage

    Ok, anyone willing to help let me know the best way to store my 454 magnum MPI would be appreciated. I understand fuel stabiliser in the tank, changing oils, drain water and replace with antifreeze. My main concern is the injectors. Do I fog the engine or not? Do I add stabiliser in the fuel filter and run it, etc.etc. Thanks in advance.

    PS boat is a 1995 272 that does 61mph gps stock somehow. I want to make sure it will come out of the gate next year running this well when the ice melts.
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    Re: Winter Storage

    First off welcome to the site. This is what merc recommends you doing. http://www.boatfix.com/merc/Bullet/01/01_15.pdf
    Basically it is like running 2 stroke into the the engine to give it an oil coat. Good luck and ask if you need more help.

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