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Thread: Dash panels

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    Re: Dash panels

    Quote Originally Posted by chartersj View Post
    Has anyone tried using vinyl wrap on there dash panels? I wonder how it would hold up. Trying to update dash and gauges on a 94 272, not a fan of the look of the recessed gauges
    I did mine in vinyl. Its holding up well, has been 2 years, but for the work in rewiring all the gauges, go ahead and get hydro dipped!

    If I have to do it again, I’ll definitely hydro dip!
    I did glove, dash, switch panel, trim panel, key panel and 45 degree for my depth finder.

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    Re: Dash panels

    Quote Originally Posted by Baldfirefighter View Post
    Hydrodipping is the easiest and most inexpensive way to go for your dash panels. I did my dash and glove box on my Hammer.

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    This is kind of seriously frightening....
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