HP: 525
kW: 410

Full Throttle RPM Range: 4800-5200

Displacement Liter/CID: 8.2/502

Bore & Stroke (in): 4.47/4.00
Bore & Stroke (mm): 114/102

Compression Ratio: 8.75:1

Cylinders: V-8
Alternator Amp: 65
Alternator Watt: 917

Fuel System: MPI

Ignition System: PCM 038 distributorless

Fuel Requirements: 87 Posted Octane (R+M)/2, (92 RON) International

Transmission: (Six) w/Huber 600 Series
Drive Options: Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR w/ITS, Bravo One XR Sport Master (Standard or Short), and Bravo One XR Sport Master (Standard or Short) w/ITS. Dry-Sump Six w/Huber 600
Length (in/mm): 39.5/1003

Width (in/mm): 34/864

Height (in/mm): 24/610

Weight (lbs / kg): 1201/545

Warranty: 1-Year Ltd. for Recreational Boating/3-Year Ltd. Corrosion
SmartCraft: Yes

Features & Benefits
Precision CNC machined 502 C.I.D. cast iron cylinder block.
Custom Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads, designed exclusively for Mercury Racing, enhance torque and overall performance.
Advanced, factory installed closed-cooling system features five-year coolant for reduced maintenance and increased corrosion protection.
The SmartCraft PCM 038 microprocessor optimizes fuel control for each cylinder independently, enhancing engine running quality and performance.
Powerful 65-amp/917-watt alternator provides dependable starting and additional power for operating electrical accessories.
Forged 4340 steel, fully machined and shot-peened Mercury Racing connecting rods.
Forged aluminum pistons, designed by Mercury Racing, for maximum strength and durability.
Multiport fuel injection system incorporates a high-flow throttle body and flame arrestor developed exclusively by Mercury Racing.
Water-cooled and insulated fuel system helps keep fuel temperatures down and greatly reduces potential for vapor lock with today's fuels.
A thermostatically-controlled, high-capacity oil cooler raises engine oil temperatures faster and keeps them more consistent.
A hydraulic roller camshaft and an idle air valve, located at the rear of the intake plenum, work in concert to improve engine idle quality.
Comes standard with 1.26:1, 1.35: or 1.50:1 gear ratio Bravo One XR drive in either right-hand or left-hand rotation.
Dual-water pickup and low-water pickup gearcase housings available for standard Bravo One XR drives.
Bravo One XR Sport Master, Bravo One XR Short Sport Master and Dry-Sump Six drive options available.
The Bravo One XR Sport Master gearcase (Std. and Short), available on selected Bravo One XR drives, reduces drag for enhanced overall boat performance in select applications.
Integrated Transom System (ITS) available with Bravo One XR and Bravo One XR Sport Master drive options.
New engine oil drain line enhances ease of changing oil.
Power steering resevoir mounted on front of the engine for easy access.